Due to government directives

  • Yeshiva Staff
Motzash Ki Tisa 5780
Rabbis and Yeshiva students,

Due to government directives, the students of the yeshiva will unfortunately disperse to their homes tomorrow morning.
Comments by the Rosh Yeshiva Rabbi Mosheh Lichtenstein for our talmidim:
Some of the people here remember the "head and heart" conversation I gave, in the snow a few years ago, in which the head said the students should be released to go home and the heart said they should stay. Now is a time of trouble where the head and the heart agree: they have to disperse.
But the heart is pained by the decision, it wants to express its pain. We gathered you here in the beit midrash just to say goodbye properly.

Go in peace, multiply in prayers and Torah study.
Comments by Rabbi Ya'akov Madan:
These days are similar to the 40 days that Moshe pleaded before the Almighty, from 18 Tammuz to 29 Av.

Yeshivat Har Etzion was established 52 years ago and closed only twice: a partial closure during the Yom Kippur War and this evening, closed for the second time. It's not a simple day for any of us.
We are all in pain, but we must bear in mind that we now have four tasks:
The first, to be strengthened in prayer, to add Avinu Malkeinu, and even Birkat Zikhronot from the Rosh Hashana davening (without name and malkhut).
Second, do everything in order to reach a unity government.
Third, to help the people of Israel in any way. Find the lonely old people who need our help, the parents who need to take care of their children and are climbing the walls.
And fourth, Torah study: To continue, it is our discourse with the Almighty. He is telling us something now and we need to respond to it by persisting in learning. This is not Bein HaZmanim, nor a time to vacation and tour.
The Lord will keep you coming and coming.