The VBM is proud to announce our partnership with Sefaria.  The VBM has a wealth of shiurim online that quote primary sources. Sefaria has a large and growing library of Torah texts.  Partnering with VBM, Sefaria wrote a plugin that finds the references on a page and automatically queries the Sefaria library for the original text. 

How it works:

While reading a shiur on the VBM, you will now notice that primary sources are now links, for example: Bamidbar 11:12 is now a link.  If you mouse over this link, a pop-up window will open showing you the verse in Hebrew and English.  If you click on the text, you will be taken to the Sefaria page with this text and additional commentary.

The Sefaria auto linker recognizes references on a web page, links them to the corresponding texts on Sefaria, and optionally provides a popup containing the text of the references.

Join the project:

If you spot references on our site to primary sources that are not linked, please contact us at: [email protected]

If you're interested in using the Sefaria linking code in your browser or on your website, visit