Dr. Tziporah Lifshitz
Teacher Title Abstract Course
Dr. Tziporah Lifshitz Parashat Bereishit: The Tree of Knowledge The Torah ascribes three attributes to the Tree of Knowledge. What does the Midrashic exposition of these qualities teach us about the sin in the Garden of Eden? The Weekly Midrash
Dr. Tziporah Lifshitz Parashat Bo: “This Month Shall Be to You the Beginning of Months - Chodesh and Hitchadshut in Shemot Rabba The first commandment given to the Jewish people, to mark the beginning of the months, is explained by the Tanchuma-based Shemot Rabba as symbolizing the eternal power of renewal in Judaism, both for the individual and the collective. The Weekly Midrash
Dr. Tziporah Lifshitz Parashat Teruma: Miraculous Work in the Temple Through the ages, the Midrash develops the idea of God's House as a reality where miracles are part of everyday life. The Weekly Midrash