Rav Amnon Bazak

Rav Amnon Bazak is a shiur-bet Ram of Yeshivat Har Etzion, and a lecturer in the Bible and Oral Law Departments of Herzog College and the Women's Beit Midrash in Migdal Oz. Within the framework of Hesder, he completed his army service in the Military Rabbinate, was ordained as a rabbi and attained his B.Ed in Herzog College. He has authored several books on Bible study, including: Samuel Alef - King of Israel, Shmuel Bet - The Kingdom of David, and Nekudat Peticha - Studies in Parshat Hashavua. In his book "To this Day," he presents a comprehensive way of dealing with questions arising from biblical criticism. Hundreds of his lessons, written and recorded, are archived on the website of the Virtual Beit Midrash of Yeshivat Har Etzion. Rav Bazak also edited several books, among them Rav Amital's book "VeHaAretz Natan Livnei Adam" and the holiday series by Herzog College.

Teacher Title Abstract Course
Rav Amnon Bazak Parshat Tzav, The Law of Piggul, The Plain Meaning and the Halakhic Midrash
Rav Amnon Bazak The Law of the Blasphemer Why does the story of the blasphemer appear at this seemingly inexplicable juncture in Sefer Vayikra, and what is the connection to the concept of nationality in the Torah?
Rav Amnon Bazak Parashat Behar - The Unique Perspective of Parashat Behar Why are the laws of shemita and yovel repeated in Parashat Behar, when those laws are described elsewhere in the Torah, and what can this repetition teach us about multiple ways of looking at the same Torah laws?
Rav Amnon Bazak Parshat Beha'alotekha - The Episode of the Cushite Woman What is the true nature of the complaint of Miriam and Aharon about Moshe, and how can we understand Moshe's reaction to this complaint?
Rav Amnon Bazak Parshat Chukat - Benei Yisrael: The New Generation What is the meaning of Moshe and Aharon's silent reaction to the nation's complaint at Mei Meriva, and what does this tell us about the nation's evolving relationship with God at the time?
Rav Amnon Bazak Parshat Vaetchanan - God's Voice Speaking from Amidst the Fire What is the meaning of the central role of fire and sound in the three descriptions of the Revelation at Sinai in Sefer Devarim?
Rav Amnon Bazak Parshat Re'eh - Atonement in Sefer Vayikra and in Sefer Devarim What is at the heart of the differences in perspective on the sacrificial offerings between Sefer Vayikra and Sefer Devarim, and what can this teach us about two distinct types of sanctity that the Torah presents?
Rav Amnon Bazak Parshat Shoftim - Who is Represented by the Egla Arufa? It is clear that the breaking of the heifer's neck in the egla arufa ritual is a highly symbolic act. But what does each of the elements of this seemingly arcane ritual represent?
Rav Amnon Bazak Parshat Ki Tetze - Literal and Exegetical Understandings of the Law of Lashes How and why do Chazal's interpretations of the Torah's text sometimes depart dramatically from its literal meaning, and how can this help us understand Chazal's approach to the law of lashes described in our parsha?
Rav Amnon Bazak Parshat Ki Tavo - Great Stones and Whole Stones What is the connection between the "great stones" upon which the Torah was inscribed when the people of Israel crossed the Jordan and the "whole stones" used to build an altar at Mount Eval?