Rav Yehuda Shaviv

Rav Yehuda Shaviv studied at Yeshivat Kerem Be’Yavneh. In 1968, he joined Yeshivat Har Etzion as a Ram for the first class of the Yeshiva and continued as a Ram until 2003 when he retired. He published numerous articles and books on a wide range of topics in Tanach, Jewish Thought, Halacha and Gemara. Rav Shaviv passed away on December 21, 2018. Yehi zichro baruch.

Teacher Title Abstract Course
Rav Yehuda Shaviv The "Shamash" Halakhot of Chanuka
Rav Yehuda Shaviv A Song of David for the Dedication of the House On Chanuka we recite Psalm 30 – “Mizmor shir chanukat ha-bayit le-David,” a song of David for the dedication of the House. What is the significance of this song to the house that King Shlomo built, and why did the Sages decide that this psalm would be recited on Chanuka? Holiday Packages
Rav Yehuda Shaviv Tractate Rosh Hashana – Problems and Solutions Masekhet Rosh Hashana is unique in that a large part of it does not discuss Rosh Hashana at all, but rather the sanctification of the new moon. In this shiur, we will discuss the deliberate order and arrangement of this tractate and how it reflects a crucial element of Rosh Hashana. Holiday Packages
Rav Yehuda Shaviv The Place of Sukkot in the Cycle of Festivals The Holiday of Sukkot
Rav Yehuda Shaviv The Haftora for Shabbat Chanuka The haftara chosen for Shabbat Chanuka relates to the festival rather than the parasha. The connection is easily detected in the verse which speaks of "the golden menora ... and its seven lights above it" (3:2) – lights obviously kindled with oil from the olive trees on the right and left of it. The Meaning of Chanuka
Rav Yehuda Shaviv The "Menucha" (Resting) of Purim The Meaning of Purim
Rav Yehuda Shaviv Rosh Ha-shana and the Sanctification of the Months The Meaning of Rosh Hashana
Rav Yehuda Shaviv A Sukka of Peace The Meaning of Sukka and the Four Species
Rav Yehuda Shaviv The Haggada and Bikkurim The Meaning of the Seder Night
Rav Yehuda Shaviv Punishment and Hope: The Haftora for Tisha B'Av The Meaning of the Three Weeks
Rav Yehuda Shaviv "And Your Faithfulness in the Nights": Faith in Times of Distress The Meaning of the Three Weeks
Rav Yehuda Shaviv The Seven Haftarot of Consolation The Meaning of the Three Weeks
Rav Yehuda Shaviv From Mourning to Comfort The Meaning of the Three Weeks
Rav Yehuda Shaviv Yom Kippur: The Festival of Freedom The Meaning of Yom Kippur