Harav Baruch Gigi

Harav Baruch Gigi is a Rosh Yeshiva at Yeshivat Har Etzion. He also teaches at the Beit Midrash for Women in Migdal Oz and at Ohr Torah Stone’s Michlelet Bruriah, and serves as the Rav of the Sephardic Synagogue in Alon Shevut.  He has Semicha from the Rabbanut and has a Bachelor of Education from Herzog College. He previously was a Ram and Rosh Kollel at the Hesder Yeshiva "Ma'alot," but since 1988, he has served as a Ram at Yeshivat Har Etzion. In 5766, Harav Gigi was inaugurated, together with Harav Yaakov Medan, as Rosh Yeshiva, alongside the founding roshei yeshiva, and they were joined in 5769 by Harav Mosheh Lichtenstein.

Teacher Title Abstract Course
Harav Baruch Gigi Kashering Electrical Appliances Three factors must be taken into account in order to determine how to kasher something: 1. What the utensil is made of; 2. What has been absorbed; and 3. How it has been absorbed. Halakhot of Pesach
Harav Baruch Gigi "And By Night I Have No Rest" Reading the Megilla at Night Halakhot of Purim
Harav Baruch Gigi The Requirement of Waving the Lulav Halakhot of the Four Species
Harav Baruch Gigi The Sins of the Fathers and of the Sons In his Laws of Fasts (5:1), the Rambam teaches: “There are days when all of Israel fasts because of troubles that occurred on those days, in order to arouse the hearts and to open paths of repentance... Holiday Packages
Harav Baruch Gigi "And They Shall Eat of the Meat on that Night" The Pesach offering is unique among the sacrifices, with qualities of both individual and communal offerings, as well as both peace and burnt offerings. In this shiur, we will study the nature of this offering and what it can teach us. Holiday Packages
Harav Baruch Gigi The Obligation of Women in Megilla Reading Are women obligated to read or to hear the megilla? Why is this not considered a regular time-bound positive mitzva? Can women read for men? Is there a difference between the reading at night and during the day? Holiday Packages
Harav Baruch Gigi Holiness and Kingship Holiday Packages
Harav Baruch Gigi Simchat Torah It is the customary practice in all Jewish communities to complete the annual public Torah reading cycle on Shemini Atzeret, which is the day of Simchat Torah. The origin of this practice is unclear, however. In this shiur, we present an explanation based on the original Torah-reading practice in Eretz Yisrael, when the Torah was completed twice every seven years. Holiday Packages
Harav Baruch Gigi The Heavenly Jerusalem and the Earthly Jerusalem Jerusalem is the connection between heaven and earth. What is the nature of this connection? Holiday Packages
Harav Baruch Gigi "I Have Set Watchmen upon Your Walls" Jerusalem brings together the material and the spiritual, heaven and earth, the monarchy and sanctity, the Temple and the royal city. Holiday Packages
Harav Baruch Gigi Jerusalem – A City that Turns All of Israel into Friends In 5727 I was a boy of ten living in the Diaspora. I remember well the joy that filled our hearts when we heard that the people of Israel had returned to the gates of Jerusalem, and the exciting feeling that “my beloved is knocking” (“kol dodi dofek”), that a renewed encounter was taking place between the Beloved and His loved one. Holiday Packages
Harav Baruch Gigi "On Sukkot Judgment is Passed with Respect to Rain" A number of the mitzvot and practices of Sukkot reflect that this is the time when we are judged for rain in the coming year. In this shiur, we will discuss the significance of these practices, focusing on the special water libations. The Holiday of Sukkot
Harav Baruch Gigi "And You Shall Know / And Egypt Shall Know that I am the Lord" The Meaning of Pesach
Harav Baruch Gigi Chana's Prayer and Rosh HaShana The Meaning of Rosh Hashana
Harav Baruch Gigi Jerusalem - A City that Turns All of Israel into Friends Tonight we celebrate the liberation of Jerusalem and other regions of Eretz Yisrael in 5727 (1967). We who have been privileged to rebuild the ruins of Gush Etzion are enveloped at this time by a special feeling. The voices of Torah study are being sounded between Bethlehem, where mother Rachel cried over her sons, and Hebron, city of the Patriarchs, from where father Avraham set off with his son Yitzchak on their way to Mount Moriah. The Meaning of the Three Weeks
Harav Baruch Gigi Sephardic Rabbinical Approaches to Zionism The great Sephardic leaders often differed with their Ashkenazic counterparts regarding Zionism. This shiur examines the approaches of Rav Alkalai, Rav Messas, the Baba Sali, Rav Ovadia Yosef, Rav Uzziel and others.