Rav Shimon Klein
Teacher Title Abstract Course
Rav Shimon Klein Parashat Shoftim - The Rule of the People What is the biblical view of the concept of leadership? It seems that there is no simple answer to this question. Leaders are central to the biblical narrative, with entire passages devoted to their life stories and the values that guided them. These narratives generally provide insight into life in the given time period, and in this sense a study of the leader is a reasonable study of the generation and the period. Alongside the wealth and diversity of leadership stories throughout Tanakh, there is a biblical passage whose subject matter is leadership: the passage concerning the king. Parshat HaShavua - The Weekly Torah Reading
Rav Shimon Klein Parashat Ki Tavo - Stones That Speak This shiur will address the story of the stones that are to be set up upon the nation’s entry into the land, and upon which the Torah is to be written. Parshat HaShavua - The Weekly Torah Reading
Rav Shimon Klein Parashat Nitzavim - “And you shall return unto the Lord your God” This week’s shiur will address the concept of teshuva. It is interesting to note the reciprocal nature of the process as presented in this week’s parasha. The first step is taken by the nation, which “recalls to its heart”; then comes God’s response, followed by another step by the nation, and then another step on God’s part, and so on. Parshat HaShavua - The Weekly Torah Reading