Deracheha - Women and Mitzvot
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Deracheha Staff; Laurie Novick, Director Women and Halacha: Why is It Important for Women to Engage Directly with Halachic Texts? An Introduction to Deracheha Deracheha - Women and Mitzvot
Deracheha Staff; Laurie Novick, Director LEARNING TORAH, PART 1 What is the mitzva of learning Torah? Does it apply to women? The Talmud teaches that there are many facets to Torah. The word "Torah" itself has a wide range of meanings. Torah can refer to an all-encompassing Divine blueprint for creation, to the word of God, to the entirety of Jewish teachings and knowledge, or to any part thereof. More narrowly, Torah can denote the five books of the Chumash or a scroll containing them. Since the word "Torah" can mean so many different things, it follows that talmud Torah, literally "Torah study," eludes simple definition. Deracheha - Women and Mitzvot