Shir HaShirim
מרצה Title תקציר סידרה
Rav Tzvi Sinensky Shiur #01: Centrality in our Tradition, Canonization, and Connection to Sinai The enigmatic book of Shir Ha-Shirim has been part of the canon for thousands of years, and it plays an important role in our liturgy as well. It is clear from the gemara, however, that its status was not always widely accepted. In this shiur, we will examine the discussion revolving around Shir Ha-Shirim and its classification as "Holy of Holies." Shir HaShirim
Rav Tzvi Sinensky Shiur #02: Authorship In this shiur, we discuss the authorship of Shir Ha-Shirim, focusing on the generally accepted view that it was written by King Shlomo but addressing other possibilities as well. Shir HaShirim
Rav Tzvi Sinensky Shiur #03: The Parable of Shir Ha-Shirim: God and the Jewish People In this shiur, we explore the metaphor of Shir Ha-Shirim and note the differences among the commentaries regarding the meaning of the plot. In particular, we will focus on Rashi's commentary, which presents a polemical reading to counter the Christian arguments of his time. Shir HaShirim
Rav Tzvi Sinensky Shiur #04: The Words “Shir Ha-Shirim” In this shiur, we discuss the meaning of the opening words, "Shir Ha-Shirim." Does this refer to the songs superiority or the fact that it is made up of a number of smaller songs? Does this have implications for interpreting the book? Shir HaShirim
Rav Tzvi Sinensky Shiur #05: Shir Ha-Shirim as an Allegory for the Individual’s Relationship with God In the past two shiurim, we reviewed the better-known view that Shir Ha-Shirim is a parable for the relationship between God and the Jewish nation. A prominent group of commentators offer an alternative, however: Shir Ha-Shirim is a metaphor for the all-consuming relationship between the individual seeker and God. In this shiur, we will consider this view. Shir HaShirim
Rav Tzvi Sinensky Shiur #06: The Role of Peshat in Shir Ha-Shirim In previous shiurim, we discussed the meaning of the allegory of Shir Ha-Shirim. In this shiur, we broach the question of the significance of its peshat. How should we relate to the simple meaning of the text? As we will see, there are a number of perspectives on this issue. Shir HaShirim
Rav Tzvi Sinensky Shiur #07: Malbim’s Novel Interpretation of Shir Ha-Shirim In previous weeks, we analyzed the underlying symbolism of Shir Ha-Shirim. We noted that Rambam and the mystics view Shir Ha-Shirim as a metaphor for an individual’s passionate relationship with Hashem. This week, we turn to the interpretation of R. Meir Leibush Malbim, who presents an innovative spin on this approach, and in doing so simultaneously addresses many of the other fundamental questions we have raised in previous chapters. Shir HaShirim