Shivat Tzion
מרצה Title תקציר סידרה
Rav Tzvi Sinensky Shiur #26: The End of Nechemia In this shiur, we briefly review the last three chapters of Nechemia, focusing on the lasting impression of the book as a whole and what we can conclude about Nechemia's accomplishments. Shivat Tzion
Rav Tzvi Sinensky Shiur #27: Malakhi’s Opening Chapter As an epilogue to our study of the period of Shivat Tzion, we now turn to the book of Malakhi. Malakhi represents the final recorded nevu’a in Tanakh, concluding the era ofShivat Tzion in particular and prophecy in general. As we will see, there are numerous overlaps between the sefer and the themes we have developed throughout the course of our series. Shivat Tzion
Rav Tzvi Sinensky Shiur #28: Harsher Criticism In this shiur, we will study Malakhi chapter 2, in which the prophet issues harsher criticism against the priests. In particular, we will focus on Malakhi's emphasis of family relationships. Shivat Tzion
Rav Tzvi Sinensky Shiur #29: Malakhi’s Grand Conclusion In this shiur, we will discuss the third and final chapter in Malakhi. As we will see, the genius of this chapter is in the prophet’s facility in simultaneously achieving two goals: concluding the sefer, while bringing to a close to the entire prophetic period. To paraphrase the words of the midrash (Yalkut Shimoni 1:76), Malakhi’s prophecy is one that was needed for his generation and all future generations. Shivat Tzion
Rav Tzvi Sinensky Shiur #30: Shivat Tzion: A Retrospective In this shiur, we will summarize the themes of the books of Shivat Tzion that we have studied this year, touching upon a number of central questions and lessons for today. Shivat Tzion