Zecharya Baumel's 38th Yahrzeit - In Many Ways His First

  • Harav Mosheh Lichtenstein
Tonight, the eve of the 20th of Sivan, we commemorate the 38th Memorial Day to Zachary Baumel, which in many ways is the first Memorial Day. Last year, the anniversary was too close for burial to properly mark it while sitting with family members. This year, family members requested memorial service and study To the sitting. This request is a right and a duty to allow the Beit Midrash from which (in the middle of the "depositor" chapter) to the "Mitzvah War for Israel's help immediately."
In light of the instructions, the memorial will be held zooming and the link is attached to the publication. In addition to the excellent speakers in the schedule, one of our graduates (Samson Steinmetz) who was in friendship with Zachary will share memories.
All those who Zachariah's story touched on over the years are invited to take part in the memorial service. This evening's memorial service is another step in entering the accepted memory channels after his tragic fate prevented him from doing so.