Shiur Supplement #14 Daf 7b-8a

  • Rav Zev Jacobson
Gemara Pesachim
Daf 7b-8a
The gemara deals with:
a.  The sources of light that may not be used to check for chametz - the light of the sun, the moon, and that of a torch.
b.  The source of light that must be used - a candle.
A.  Chatzer eino tzarikh bedika [lines 7-8]  One does not have to check the outer courtyard for chametz as any chametz that may be there will soon be eaten by ravens or other birds in the vicinity.
B.  An Akhsadra [line 9]  is a pillared hall or piazza, open on top, running in front of large houses. [Soncino]
C.  Ravina amar hai mashkh nehura [lines 20-21]  The light of a candle is steady as opposed to the light of a torch which flickers incessantly.  Thus, it is it easier to check for chametz using a candle.
D.  Le-atuyei ha de-tanu Rabbanan [lines 23-27]  The following areas or places need not be checked for chametz: The topmost and bottom-most holes in the house; the roof of the veranda and the tower; the cow's stable; the chicken coop; the storehouses of wine and oil.  R. Shimon ben Gamliel adds a room that is divided by a bed which is raised somewhat from the floor.
E.  Amar Raba bar R. Huna [lines 38-40]  Salt sheds and wax sheds need to be searched for chametz.  We are concerned that during the meal one will come to fetch salt or wax and bring chametz into the storehouse.